Widespread Panic Tour 2016 – Winter Shows!

Although the summer concerts are over, we still have plenty of winter shows to look forward to! The winter leg of the Widespread Panic tour 2016 has already been announced and has a bunch of dates scheduled for February. There could certainly be more dates announced as things roll along, but it’s never a good idea to wait until the last moment to get tickets to the show of a band you like. You could score some great seats for very low prices if you pick up your tickets now!

This band is originally from Athens Georgia. Right now the current lineup for the band includes John Bell on the guitar and as a vocalist, Duane Trucks as the drummer, Domingo Ortiz on percussion, John Herman on the keyboards, and Jimmy Herring on the guitar. This band has been together since 1986! And they are regarded as one of the top jam bands in America. Their musical influences include genres like progressive rock, Southern rock, hard rock, funk, and blues rock. As you can imagine their songs have a huge amount of diversity considering their wide range of influences.

Many people compare them to other famous jam bands like Phish and the Grateful Dead. Widespread Panic is thought to be one band that shines when they are playing live shows. They hold several different records for the most times to sell out certain venues. This includes the Philips Arena in Atlanta Georgia at which they have played 20 shows at Max capacity, and also the red rocks amphitheater over in Morrison Colorado which they have sold out 42 times.

The addition of Duane Trucks to the band’s lineup happened back in 2014. Their original singer and guitarist Todd Nance is currently taking some personal time away from the band. Trucks is a talented multi-instrumentalist, as he is a drummer for the band hard-working Americans. These guys are not your typical pop rock band or pop music performers. Many musicians these days have a single set list that they use at all of their shows throughout an entire tour. The members of this band are different. Throughout their entire career they have never played the same show. They always decide which songs they are going to choose on the night of the performance. During their selection they also take into account which songs they have played at recent shows, this allows them to give each crowd a completely unique show.

The Widespread Panic tour 2016 also flies in the face of conventional pop music concerts by allowing any of their fans to tape and trade their shows. This has served as an excellent way for them to get the word out about their music. This is certainly a refreshing policy in today’s overly politically correct and copyright friendly world.

This is certainly a great chance to see one of the greatest jam bands currently on the road. They have decades of experience, and always put on a fun and unique show for the crowd. Because their winter shows are still several months away, buying tickets now would certainly get you the best price, and the best chance at getting premium seats.